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1. Why should I choose a design-build firm?

There are numerous advantages in choosing to work with a design-build firm including:

  • Unified Team:  Everyone associated with the project is on the same team with a unified goal:  to complete a successful project that meets or exceeds the client’s expectations.
  • Total Accountability:  One firm is responsible for everything including the end result, the total project cost and the timeliness of completion. This coordinated effort ensures a project that is of the highest quality, completed on budget and in a timely manner.
  • Continuity:  Because you are working with only one firm, all associated costs are considered prior to the project’s start rather than slipping through the cracks, holding up the project or blowing the budget later.
  • Professional Guides:  Knowing the design will be able to be constructed as planned makes the construction process go smoothly. A design/build team understands the importance of all phases of the project and will be able to guide you toward a workable plan that merges your needs, wishes and budget.
  • Coherent Communication:  Through clear and constant communication the project is kept on track and any changes or adjustments are quickly implemented, saving time and money.
  •  Cost Savings:  Because of the seamless process and inherent efficiency in design/build, cost overruns and budget blow-outs resulting from changes in the schedule, materials or design are avoided. Efficiency truly does save money. 

2. Why should I choose LUXE Homes?

At LUXE Homes we view ourselves as a team. When you engage us for your project we partner with you to make your goals and dreams a reality. Because we are a Design/Build firm we have complete control over the design, construction process and project schedule. This provides accountability which results in less errors and omissions throughout the project. You have a single point of contact where everyone is invested in your satisfaction and the successful completion of your project. This eliminates unnecessary time gaps and cost overruns. We are involved daily throughout the process and available to answer your questions quickly, assuring you that the project is proceeding according to your expectations. 

3. What is the first step in the design-build process?

After you contact LUXE Homes we will set up a meeting at your home or project site to discuss the scope of your project. We will answer any questions you might have about LUXE Homes or the project you are considering and discuss the specific items you wish to incorporate. It is best if you have a list of items you wish to include in the project in their order of importance. Knowing your priorities and budget will help us value engineer your project to best suit your needs and wishes and allow us to evaluate and share options given your space.

Following this initial meeting, we will create a preliminary design for your project along with a pricing estimate based on those items initially included. We will then schedule a follow-up meeting to discuss the preliminary design and budget. At this meeting, we will determine whether LUXE Homes is a good fit for you and your project and will proceed to the Design-Build agreement. (See the “Process” page for more details)

4. How can I know I am getting excellent quality and value?

The LUXE Home owners have a lifelong commitment to quality and have chosen this work because of their love for beautiful, high quality homes. This means the work is personal to them, not just a job. One of their mottoes is “Cheap costs more” because in the long run it does.  As such, each phase of the project is done using quality design, materials and processes which produce excellent results while saving time and money. This attention to detail and production process prevents costly mistakes and budget overruns assuring quality and value for each project.

5. Once I engage LUXE Homes for the project, what level of involvement will be expected of me?

Because LUXE Homes is a Design/Build firm, your required involvement is minimal and can vary based on your desire to participate. Approving the Construction Plans and selection of material finishes are necessary and can be done relatively quickly with our assistance. We will provide regular updates through our client portal for your specific project and can quickly address your questions or concerns.

6. How long will my project take?

This varies widely based on the scope of your project. We will be able to give you a general estimate during the Concept Design meeting and a more accurate time range once the Construction Plans have been finalized.

7. How much will my project cost and will there be any cost overruns?

Working with a design-build firm helps you be in complete control of the costs from beginning to end.  We will design your project based on the budget you determine, and will provide you with a fixed price for your project that includes allowances for all of your finish selections.  Once construction starts if you decide to alter the scope of work or select finishes outside the budget, we will discuss the changes with you and adjust the final budget accordingly.